Hanoi cabby fined after caught driving recklessly on camera

Thanh Nien News

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Hanoi traffic police on Tuesday fined and suspended a taxi driver for driving recklessly on a bridge during rush hour, Zing News reported.
Nguyen Trong Doan, 40, of Mai Linh Company was fined VND7.5 million (US$336) and his license will be suspended for two months. The police will also confiscate the taxi for one week.
He will also be fined VND5 million ($224) by the company.
Doan was filmed driving recklessly on the Vinh Tuy Bridge on the morning of May 10. The dashcam apparently from a car behind him captured the scene. The video was posted online the same day. 
Based on the footage, Hanoi traffic police tracked him down.
In the video, the four-seater taxi sped up into the emergency lane for motorbikes before swerving in front of the car. The speeding taxi constantly wormed its way through other vehicles on the bridge, which was crowded at that time.
Doan told the police he had to pick up a passenger but he overslept, so he drove very fast to get there on time.
Luckily no crashes happened, police said.

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