Hanoi airport displays wildlife trafficking victims

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Models of wildlife trafficking objects like bear paws and tiger skulls are being displayed at the Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi to increase public awareness of the issue.

The exhibition is collaboration by environmental and customs authorities, Northern Airports Corporation, the wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), local news website VietNamNet said Monday.

Large stocks of of wild animal bones for making glue were found in Hanoi recently.

Among the items are the skull, bones and skin of the tiger the wild animal facing the highest risk of poaching, trafficking and extinction.

Also on display are tiger claws and teeth, which are often used as jewelry and final tiger bone glue pieces.

Rhino horns and elephant tusks are also among the items on display at the airport. Rhino horns are soaked in wine as a tonic though their medical effects have not been confirmed. Elephant tusks are used for making jewelry and a complete pair is symbol of power.

The exhibition also shows a pangolin, or anteater, which is often caught for its meat, and a hawk's bill turtle whose shell is for making jewelries.

Though all items are fake, Vietnamese and foreign passengers have been impressed with the display, authorities said.

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