Hanoi airline passenger arrested for heroin

TN News

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A Vietnamese woman flying from Hanoi to Singapore, on Saturday, was discovered carrying 4.3 kilograms of heroin in her carry-on luggage, local news website VnExpress reported.


Customs officials at Noi Bai Airport asked to inspect the luggage after Nguyen Thi Lien exhibited suspicious behavior, the General Department of Customs said.


Lien has been placed in police custody.


A similar case happened early last year, when a passenger flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Australia was found hiding heroin in her shoes.


In related news, on early Thursday, police in the northern province of Nam Dinh arrested Ngo Hong Khanh, 31, after they found the man in possession of 500 ecstasy tablets and a gun loaded with two bullets, Vietnam News Agency reported.


Khanh once faced a 20 year jail sentence for robbery and murder. He was released in 2005 on a special reprieve, after serving 14 years.


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