Hai Phong man gets 17 years for having colleague killed

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The Hanoi People's Court on Wednesday handed out a 17-year jail term to a man found guilty of having his colleague killed almost three years ago.

The colleague, Nguyen Van Soi, had angered Dong Xuan Phuong, 35, by taking a photograph of the latter drinking and giving it to their boss at the 204 Construction Joint Stock Company under Bach Dang Construction Corporation in Hai Phong City.

When Phuong, who is from Hai Phong, was reprimanded by the company, he decided to teach Soi a lesson by having him beaten up by two locals Doan Duc Lan and Hoang Ngoc Manh.

In July 2007, Manh arranged to meet Soi in Hanoi. During the meeting, he slashed Soi's thigh twice with a knife, severing an artery. Soi succumbed to his injuries.

The case was tried in November 2008, when the Hanoi People's Court had sentenced Phuong to the same 17 years in prison. However, the defendant and the victim's family had appealed the decision, following which the Supreme People's Court had asked for the case to be investigated afresh and retried.

Phuong had told the police he didn't anticipate Manh would act "that excessively."

The Hanoi People's Court said it found no reason to change its verdict after reviewing the case thoroughly.

Manh and Lan are still at large, and the police have put out a warrant for them.

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