Hai Phong hooligans to stand trial

TN News

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Eight Hai Phong football fans who attacked police during a march in Hanoi June last year will stand trial Monday next week.

The accused in last summer's riot include: Hoang Van Thao, 22, Hoang Huy Hop, 21, Do Quang Linh, 23, Do Van Tu, 18, Dinh Tri Manh, 22, Hoang Ha Giang, 28, Luu Trung Duong, 35 and Vu Manh Ha, 19 .

Prosecutors have pressed charges of "causing public disoder" and "damaging property" against Thao and Hop. The other six were only accused of the former.

On the afternoon of June 10, 2009, around 5,000 football fans from Hai Phong came to Hang Day Stadium in Hanoi to support Hai Phong Cement squad in their match with The Cong, a senior and popular club of the Vietnamese Army.

They filled more than half of audience seats.

The eight Hai Phong hooligans stand accused of shouting offensive words at the police and attacking them. Prosecutors say that, following Hai Phong's defeat, the mini-mob spilled out onto the streets and threw bricks at police cars and street lamps. The fracas left several police officials severely injured.

Hai Phong football fans have since been banned from stadiums outside their city indefinitely.

The fans were not accused of "deliberately causing injuries" as investigators failed to indentify which of the suspects hit whom.

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