Ha Tinh police officer warned for beating disabled man

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Police in the central province of Ha Tinh said on Monday it has issued a warning to a local police officer for beating up a disabled man two months ago.

Lieutenant Thai Quang Vinh of Duc Thuan Ward's Police Office in Hong Linh Town, was also transferred to another office, said Nguyen Thanh Son, deputy chief of Hong Linh Town's Police Department.

On April 15, 32-year-old Vinh asked Thien, a 21-year-old handicapped man who makes a living by fixing electronic devices, to fix his DVD player.

Two days after Thien fixed the machine, Vinh brought it to his repair shop and required him to fix it again as another part of the DVD player failed.

A quarrel developed between the two. Vinh repeatedly insulted Thien and hit him on the face with the DVD player.

Shortly after Vinh picked up a brick to hit Thien, the neighbors rushed in to stop him.

Following the incident, representatives of the Hong Linh Town's Police Department offered an apology to Thien and his family.

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