Guard slashed after refusing bribe from illegal loggers in Vietnam

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A guard in the Central Highlands was tied up, attacked and received multiple knife wounds Saturday night after refusing bribes from illegal loggers who wanted to pass his station.

Authorities in Sa Thay District, Kon Tum Province, said Pham Dinh Khanh, 32, was found with five head wounds that required a total of 20 stitches, a broken leg, and four knife wounds on his back.

Eyewitnesses said Khanh, who was standing guard over a local rubber plantation that the loggers wanted to pass through, was attacked by around 20 men wearing masks and armed with knives. They abducted him and took him down a river on a boat before leaving him tied up. 

Khanh, now under treatment at a local hospital, said a group of people came to him several days ago offering him money to ignore the fact that they were trying to carry five cubic meters of illegally felled timber out of Chu Mo Rai National Park.

Khanh said he rejected the offer and reported it to local authorities.

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