Graft case papers to be verified in Japan: prosecutors

TN News

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The People's Supreme Procuracy Vietnam's highest prosecutor's office will send its officials to Japan to verify documents related to a major Japan-funded infrastructure project that has been caught in a bribery scandal.

A former senior Vietnamese official stands accused of bribery in the case that also saw four Japanese officials found guilty at a trial in Tokyo.

All related judicial coordination will be conducted under diplomatic channels as the two countries do not have an agreement on bilateral judicial assistance, the agency said Tuesday (April 20).

On January 25, police has proposed charges of "receiving bribes" against Huynh Ngoc Si, former head of the Ho Chi Minh City's East-West Highway and Water Environment Project Management Unit (PMU) and vice director of the city's Transport Department.

Si, who was serving a six-year sentence for abuse of power in a verdict on March 17, is accused of having accepted millions of dollars in bribes from four former executives of Tokyo-based Pacific Consultants International (PCI) in return for awarding contracts under the East-West Highway project to the Japanese company.

The accusations were made by the executives at a trial in Tokyo on November 11, 2008. They were then standing trial for violations of Japan's Unfair Competition Prevention Law, which bans the bribing of foreign government officials.

The Japanese side then sent related documents of the case, with more than 3,000 pages, to Vietnam for further investigation.

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