Google Maps fixing border errors

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Vietnamese authorities announced that Google Maps is fixing errors on its map service which depict parts of Vietnamese territory as belonging to China.

Vietnam acknowledged Google's effort to meet its request and fix the errors, news website VnExpress reported Friday, citing Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga.

Nga told the news source that Vietnamese authorities will verify the authenticity of the corrections.

"Vietnam is finishing procedures to submit the official map and related legal documents on the borderline between Vietnam and China to the United Nations and provide them to map publishers in the world," she was quoted as saying.

Google Maps re-drew the two nation's borderline in the northern province of Lao Cai. The line had previously placed part of the province inside China.

Many remain unhappy with the corrections.

The new borderline does not run along the median of rivers between the two countries as it should, critics said. Besides, errors found in other parts of the Vietnam-China borderline outside Lao Cai have not been fixed.

In March Vietnamese officials asked Google to correct the mapping errors. At that time, Nga said, Vietnam and China had signed treaties that clearly delineated the boundary on the official map.

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