Girl dies from electrocution at ATM in Vietnam

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A 12-year-old schoolgirl was killed by an electrocution at a Ho Chi Minh City ATM Thursday afternoon.

Investigations by police in District 1, where the accident took place, found an electric wire running across a set of stairs where Chau Linh Uyen sat outside the ATM room.

The wire ran from the ATM room to the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) located behind it.

According to Saigon Electricity Company technicians, the wire, which was set up by Agribank to provide electricity for the room, had many open joints and was leaking electricity.

Witnesses said Uyen, a student from Nguyen Thai Binh Primary School, visited the ATM on Nguyen Thai Binh Street as she walked home from school.

She then played with some friends in front of the room housing the machine. But she suddenly fainted and began foaming at the mouth when she sat on the stairs, witnesses said.

Eyewitness Pham Thanh Dung said they thought she had a seizure and applied various first aid techniques.

While Dung and Uyen's friends were attending to the fallen girl, one of them experienced an electric shock when she touched the stairs.

Dung said they then suspected an electric shock had caused Uyen's condition.

They rushed the girl to Saigon Hospital, where she was declared dead before even entering the facility.

Vu Minh Tan, deputy director general of Agribank, said the bank had paid all the fees for the girl's funeral.

"If the police investigation concludes that it was our bank's fault, we are ready to take responsibility in accordance with law," he said.

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