Garbage men caught trying to recycle rotten pork

TN News

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Police in Binh Dinh Province on Wednesday caught two garbagemen cleaning discarded pork for resale.

Nguyen Van Phong and Thai Thanh Mai, both 39, were transporting garbage for the Quy Nhon Urban Environment Company to a dumping ground when they discovered 12 sacks containing about 20 kilograms of rotten pork each.

They stopped to wash the meat in a local river in the south central province.

Quy Nho Metro Center hired the firm to destroy the pork because it had expired.

Phong and Mai said they wanted to earn some money, though the pork was already treated with chemicals and stinking.

Binh Dinh police have summoned local animal health officials, agricultural inspectors and officials from the two companies to help resolve the case.

The police have brought the pork to the dumping ground and imposed cash penalties on the men.

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