Gangsters beat up Hanoi doctor, kidnap patient

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Gangsters beat up a doctor, broke open doors of a ward and kidnapped a seriously injured patient at a major hospital in Hanoi on Wednesday, with a manager and guards doing nothing to stop them.

Local news website VietNamNet said Thursday that the doctor was beaten because he tried to protect the patient.

Doctor Nguyen Minh Hung of the National Hospital of Endocrinology said a man, severely injujred and having lost a lot of blood, ran up to the hospital asking for help.

At least five gangsters who were after the man beat up Hung when he refused to open doors on the fourth floor so that they could find their victim, Hung said.

They beat him in front of the eyes of two guards and a deputy director of the hospital, whose name has not been released, broke the doors and took the victim away, he said.

Hung said he had earlier called the hospital's directors, guards, local police and dialled 113 when the gangsters chased the victim to the hospital and frightened many other patients.

The doctor told VietNamNet he was "very angry" about the neglect of the hospital guards and officials.

"Before and after the incident happened, I called director Nguyen Van Tien, who was on duty at that time, many times, but I failed to reach him.

"When I met him directly to report the case, he said "it was a small thing," Hung said.

As of Thursday afternoon, none of the management officials at the hospital had come to see Hung.

Meanwhile, Tien told VietNamNet that the hospital is considering honoring Hung for his courage.

But it's "not good" that Hung told the press about the incident without the hospital's permission, as patients will be scared if the case "is taken seriously," he added.

The police were investigating the case.

The report did not say if the gangsters were armed.

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