Gangster slashed to death in Hanoi gang fight

TN News

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One person was killed and at least three others injured after a fighting involving handguns and knives in Hanoi, Thursday night.


The dead man has been identified as Chu Van Hoa, an infamous gangster in Hanoi. Police rushed him to the hospital where he reportedly succumbed to his injuries.


Police have detained several other men and confiscated guns that were involved in the fight.


An eyewitness said that Hoa and his group had gotten into a scuffle with a rival gang early Thursday. So they determined to meet at 8 p.m. that night for a sort of rumble. The other gang brought 20 members armed with knives.


One member of the group slashed Hoa with a pig slaughtering knife until he collapsed,VietNamNet reported. Several people in Hoa's gang were also attacked and rushed to hospital, according to eyewitnesses.


Police said hundreds of people carrying guns and knives gathered outside the Saint Paul hospital after Hoa was admitted. They only disbanded at midnight.


Hanoi police are investigating the case further.

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