Gangster injured in Dong Nai street shooting

TN News

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Police in Dong Nai Province have started investigating a street fight in which a man was hospitalized on Saturday afternoon with severe gun shot injuries.


Phan Thanh Chau, 24, was shot three times with a hand gun by two masked men on a motorbike as he was riding pillion on another motorbike driven by Ho Minh Duc, 22.


Duc was also shot at two times, but the shooters missed the target.


Doctors said bullets had hit Chau's thigh, penis and buttocks.


Police also found a bullet lodged in the motorbike seat.


According to police records, Chau is a known gangster in the area who has been previously convicted of robbery and causing injuries to others, while Minh has just completed a jail term for robbery three months ago. It's not been available how long he was in jail for.


Police said Chau'd had a conflict with another gang in the area in July and both sides had tried to fight each other with knives but had been stopped by the police.


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