Gangland: cops sent to hospital by sword-swinging attackers

TN News

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Sword-weilding criminal gangs in Hanoi put two city police officers and a local resident in the hospital after a bloody fight in the capital city early Sunday.

Hai Ba Trung District Police officers Dang Viet Quang and Vu Thai Son arrived at a house on Hong Mai Street at around 1 a.m. on Sunday, responding to calls from local residents who said that two factions of armed thugs were engaged in gang warefare at the location.

The culprits fled the scene when the police arrived, leaving behind a bleeding 48-year-old man -- a local resident they had beaten and stabbed -- according reports from local authorities.

But as Quang and Son surveyd the scene, a group of 10 men returned with a car and two motorcycles.

The accused drove their car into Quang when he ordered them to stop. His leg was broken by the impact, which sent him hurtling into a nearby wall. Six men on the two motorbikes then attacked Son with knives and traditional scimitars, leaving him with injuries on his face, shoulders and arms.

One alleged culprit was arrested when police backup arrived, but the other accused escaped.

Police later arrested three men in relation to the incident and authorities have issued arrest warrants against the six others.

Quang, Son and the local man injured in the crime are all currently at a local hospital.

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