Fund set up to help Vietnamese citizens overseas

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The state budget will assign VND20 billion (US$1.02 million) for a fund to protect Vietnamese citizens overseas, according to a circular issued recently by the Ministry of Finance.


The fund, which will be supplemented every year, will be spent on activities carried out by diplomatic and consular agencies to protect Vietnamese citizens and legal entities overseas. 


Officials who learn about cases where the citizens are arrested, tried and sentenced in foreign countries will receive financial support from the fund as well. 


It will also aid Vietnamese citizens who are in severe financial troubles and have accidents overseas, as also women and children who are victims of human trafficking.


According to the ministry, the fund's director will have the right to approve the spending of up to US$10,000 for each case.


To spend more than the amount, the director must report to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for approval. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is allowed to spend a maximum of 10 percent of the fund for its management activities.


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