Frozen wild animals found, elephant slashed for tusks

TN News

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Police in the northern province of Thanh Hoa announced the seizure of a truckload of frozen wild animals and their horns on Monday.


The truck was carrying ten panthers and one copperhead in addition to 15 deer and giraffe horns.


Driver Le Anh Dung from the nearby Nghe An Province said he was transporting the animals for an illegal wildlife dealer named Tran Thi Duong, 37, investigators alleged.


Duong said she was shipping the animals to a glue maker in Thanh Hoa, according to authorities.


Also on Monday, a domesticated elephant in Dak Lak Province was found covered in hundreds of heavy lacerations along a local river. Its tail was almost removed and the hindlegs had been baldy burned.


Nguyen Tru, Chairman of the Thanh Ha Eco-Tourism Company which owns the elephant, said thieves must have seized the animal for its 70 centimeter tusks.


Tru imagines that the thieves abused the animal to wear it down so they could remove the tusks. The animal is still alive and in bad shape, he said.


Six months ago Tru reported that some people had tried to electrocute the elephant to take its tusks, but it managed to escape.


Vietnam has banned all manner of wildlife poaching.


However, widespread commercial demand for animal parts (mostly for dubious health tonics and medicines), has rendered the ban ineffective.


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