From cheers to tears: Alcohol is the leading cause of home violence in Vietnam

Thanh Nien News

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Vietnamese are among the heaviest drinkers in Southeast Asia. File photo Vietnamese are among the heaviest drinkers in Southeast Asia. File photo


A new study has confirmed that alcoholic drinks are the major cause behind domestic violence and child abuse in Vietnam, where beer and liquor consumption has been on the rise recently. 
The study released Thursday by the Preventive Health Department at the Health Ministry said alcoholic drinks caused 34 percent of all reported violence and abuse cases.
Nearly 14 percent of the children surveyed said they witnessed or suffered abuse from parents who had alcoholic drinks.
Around 11 percent said their mothers of fathers scolded them. Another 4 percent said they were beaten and suffered physical pain.
Around 6.5 percent said their parents abandoned or did not take care of them properly while nearly 6 percent said they witnessed violence on other members in the family.
Vietnam ranks first in Southeast Asia in terms of beer and liquor sales growth.
Annual alcohol consumption in Vietnam has increased by more than 150 percent, from nearly four liters per person in 2003-2005 to 6.6 liters, above the world’s average of 6.2 liters per person per year.
Consumption among youths has surged 10 percent among male and 8 percent among female the past five years.
An official from the ministry said it is still adjusting the booze ban draft law to help reduce the damage of alcohol abuse.
The bill was introduced to the public the first time last year and and ran into opposition, with many saying it would be difficult to enforce.

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