French passenger forced off Vietnam plane over hoax bomb theat

TN News

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A French tourist was rejected from boarding a Vietnam Airlines plane after making a bomb hoax threat at the Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday.

Mariano Francois Xavier Jean Agostini, 27, caused the VN 1316 flight bound for Da Nang to be delayed more than two hours on Saturday afternoon.

According to the airport authority, when passengers were going onboard, Agostini told a Vietnamese female passenger in his group that he had bomb in his hand luggage.

Another French female passenger overheard their conversation and reported to the crew members.

The flight was delayed and security officers started to search the plane and re-scanned the luggage of 180 passengers.

Agostini later told the airport authority he was just joking about the bomb.

The officers seized his passport and he was not allowed to board the plane when it took off after the two-hour delay.

Vietnamese police said they were still considering the punishment for the passenger.

Last month, a Vietnamese passenger was sentenced to 10 months probation and fined VND240 million (US$11,600) for making a bomb hoax threat on a Vietnam Airlines plane.

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