French man fights animal cruelty, rescues stray cats and dogs in Saigon

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Vincent Leopold Marcel Pascal, 51, brings a dog out for a walk near his home in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The Ouistreham-born man was a tattooist and a bartender before he accepted a business offer and moved to Cambodia, where he met his Vietnamese wife. He then moved to Vietnam.

He saves most of the space in the rented house for nearly 60 cats and a few dogs he picked up on the streets. Some sick animals are separated and live at the back. 

He and his wife used to live and take care of abandoned cats at their barber’s shop in the backpackers’ area in District 1. They have separated.

His current place is around 15 square meters. He has for himself a bed, a desk and a laptop which he uses to operate an animal support website called Vietnam Animals Cruelty. The website tells the stories of each animal he brought home and is also available on Facebook.

He has established two hotlines, in Vietnamese, English and French, to take calls about cats or dogs in need. He spends his savings on buying food for his pets and bringing them to vets, and also calls for donations.

He holds a dog for a vaccine shot.

Pascal said he is keeping more cats than dogs as Vietnamese people prefer dogs as pets and he can gift the dogs to loving families.

He takes care of the cats because there are not many people who love to have a pet cat in the city, he said.

Pascal prepares some fish for the cats.

The cats wait for their meal.

He said their food costs him more than VND300,000 (US$14) a day, but luckily, he receives regular food donations.

Pascal cleans up the food bowls.

He strongly opposes cat and dog theft for meat. He said people have a lot of options other than stealing someone’s pets to eat.

Pascal cleans the cats’ room three times a day.

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