Free book for Vietnamese brides transitioning to life in Korea

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The Korean Cultural Center in Hanoi will republish in Vietnam a bilingual book about Korean daily life to support Vietnamese going to live in South Korea.

The 200-page book, entitled "Overview of Korean Daily Life", especially targets Vietnamese women who will get married and migrate to what will become their second homeland.

It features basic information about Korea, daily life, culture and other useful information for Vietnamese people who will live in South Korea.

The book, published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, will be delivered freely to Vietnamese brides getting married to Korean men through project of the joint efforts of Korea Center for United Nations Human Rights Policy, language centers and the Korean department in Vietnamese University.

In addition, the center also intends to give books to laborers who will work in Korea through Ministry of Labor- Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam.

At the beginning of 2011, Korean Cultural Center published bilingual Korean Vietnamese fairy tale, "Cay khe" (the starfruit tree) for children of Korean-Vietnamese families to help them understand the culture of the two countries.

Korean Cultural Center plans to publish a second and third book in this bilingual fairytale series.

According to Keum Gi Hyung, director of the Korean Cultural Center, there are currently 150,000 Vietnamese-Korean couples, 40,000 of whom live in South Korea.

Many couples struggle to overcome language and cultural barriers that make it difficult to learn about the literature from their partners' country.

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