Four Hanoi construction workers fall to death

TN News

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A construction worker was killed when his elevator dropped from the sixth floor and three others fell to death from the scaffolding in two different cases in Hanoi, Sunday night.

All were sent to Viet Duc (Vietnam-Germany) hospital, local news website Dan Tri reported.

In the first case, the elevator carrying two workers dropped from around ten meters after the cable broke. A 23-year-old worker succumbed to severe injuries while the other, 21, is in critical condition after suffering severe blood loss, many injuries and fractures.

There've been no further details on the second case.

But statistics from Viet Duc hospital showed that falling from high levels and scaffoldings have been the primary causes of labor-related accidents at the hospital.

The hospital treated an average of 150 labor-related accidents during the first half of this year; more than 30 of them were caused by falls from great heights and scaffoldings, resulting in disability and deaths.

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