Four get jail terms for trafficking women to China

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A court in the Mekong Delta province of Tay Ninh Tuesday handed down jail terms totaling 25 years to four people for trafficking women to China.


According to the indictment, in 2009, Nguyen Thi Thu Xi, 49, got to know Bui Thi Thu Hong in China when she went there to trade in cosmetics.


Hong, who is still at large, suggested that Xi lures Vietnamese women to go to China where they would be sold to Chinese men through a man only known as Thanh.


For each woman, Xi would be paid 5,000 yuan (US$762.31), the provincial People's Court was told.


Xi then joined hands with Trinh Thi Trinh and Huynh Thi Nhuan, both 52 years old, in recruiting women willing to marry Chinese men. Trinh and Nhuan were paid VND1 million ($47.83) each for a woman they recruited.


Xi, who received the longest jail-term - 10 years - among the accused, also asked her 25-year-old son, Ho Thanh Phong, to take the recruited women to make visas or to meet her at Mong Cai in the northern province of Quang Ninh adjacent to China.


Investigators found that between the end of 2009 and May 26 last year when the ring was busted, Xi had sent ten women to China, where they were sold to men with disabilities or mental disorders.


They were also kept under captivity and forced to have sex with the men to have children.


Trinh was also found to have sold another four women separately.

The court sent Trinh and Nhuan to six and five years in prison respectively. Phong, meanwhile, received a four-year-jail term.

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