Four children drown in flooded hole at highway construction site in Hanoi

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Four children drowned Sunday in a large construction site pit in Hanoi that had filled up after heavy rains, Vietnam News Agency reported.

The bodies of Nghiem Van Hung, 13, Nghiem Quang Huy, 11, and two brothers Ngo Van Hung, 14, and Ngo Van Hung, 12, were found in a 400 square meter pit dug at the construction site of the Phu Do-Thang Long Highway project in Tu Liem District.

The four children had gone out together in the afternoon, apparently to "bathe" in the pond.

When they did not return even after it had turned dark, the parents rushed to look for them.

Other residents also joined the search, and loudspeakers were used.


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At around 10:30 p.m. villagers found shirts floating in the pit at the construction site and pulled out the four dead bodies.

The "pond", only 20 meters away from the security guards' station, was formed after rain water filled the hole, but no warning sign was erected by the road builders.

Local police are investigating the case.

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