Four bags of cobras found on Hanoi bus

TN News

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Traffic police officers found more than 36 kilograms of cobras in four sacks while checking a bus in Hanoi on Tuesday, online newspaper Dan Tri reported.

The officers of Traffic Police Team No. 5 spotted a bus traveling on Thanh Tri Bridge carrying many bicycles inside and stopped the bus for inspections.

While examining the luggage section, they saw two king cobras crawling inside.

They immediately closed the door of the section and had all passengers get out of the bus.

The bus driver was ordered to drive the vehicle to a dumping ground where snake experts were asked to catch the cobras.


Venomous snakes found on Vietnam train

Another check found four sacks containing more than 36 kilograms of cobras inside the bus.

The snakes were handed over to the environment police team of Long Bien District.

More details have not been released. The case is being investigated further.

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