Foreign ministry employee slams scooter into cop

TN News

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A motorbike driver who has claimed to be an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hit and seriously injured a traffic police officer in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi Wednesday.

It happened when a group of officers headed by Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Chung were on duty at the corner of Truong Chinh and Giai Phong that afternoon.

Another squad informed them that a man riding a scooter was not wearing a helmet.

He reached them and, when ordered to pull over, sped up and tried to elude Chung who was in his path.

He merely succeeded in knocking over the officer, who became unconscious and was bleeding from his nose and mouth.

Chung was taken to hospital while the other officers managed to catch 29-year-old Vu Le Hoang.

He told them he worked at the ministry, and was taken to the police station for further questioning.

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