Floating restaurant tragedy prompts safety sweeps

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Binh Duong authorities on Saturday said they would close a riverside restaurant belonging to the Din Ky Resort because it is unsafe.

A boat belonging to the restaurant capsized on May 20, killing 16 people on board.

Nguyen Van Giang, Chief Inspector of the Binh Duong Transport Department said the agency has also suspended two docks on safety concerns, one belonging to Din Ky and another to the Thanh Canh Resort, both in Thuan An Town's Vinh Phu Ward.

An inspection of waterway transportation in the province will be launched in the coming week, he said.

The shocking May 20 accident that killed nine members of a family who were celebrating the birthday of a three-year-old boy, happened when the floating restaurant overturned in the Saigon River during heavy rain and strong winds.

Among the 16 passengers dead were four Chinese nationals. The six-member crew and six other passengers swam to safety.

According to police, Le Van Duc, captain of the double-decker boat, did not have a license to pilot the vessel.


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On May 27, police extended the temporary criminal detainment of Duc and Le Van Quang, manager of the boat, for the second time (a temporary criminal detainment lasts four days). The duo was first detained on May 21.

Vietnam Tourism Administration on May 25 instructed its provincial agencies to coordinate with other agencies to better monitor waterway tourism and ensure safety.

Provinces nationwide have been told to survey tourism boats and propose measures to improve the service.

A report on the surveys and measures taken to be submitted to Vietnam Tourism Administration by June 10.

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