Flight safety violators face higher fines

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A decree taking effect next month increases fines against several violations of flight safety regulations such as smoking, using radio devices in banned areas and joking about explosive materials at airports or onboard aircraft.

Violators could also be considered persona non grata for a limited or unlimited time and will be held responsible for any damages incurred, according to Decree 60 that will take effect on July 20 replacing a 2007 decree on handling violations in civil aviation.

Those violating aircraft regulations or threatening airport employees, other passengers and crew members are subject to a maximum fine of VND3 million (US$158), three times as much as the current fine for such infringements.

The range of fines has also increased from VND200,000-1 million to VND500,000-1 million for those who cause public disorder at airports, or incite others to join them. These new fines are also imposed against breaches like smoking or using radio and electronic devices when not allowed to do so.

Violations including carrying explosives and radioactive and inflammable materials in banned areas or onto planes are punishable by fines of between VND20 million ($1,054) and VND30 million ($1,582). These fines are also applicable to those who make false statements about explosive materials that could threaten flight safety. Current fines for these violations are between VND10 million and VND20 million.

The new decree was issued following an increase in violations of airline safety regulations in recent years.

Since 2006, at least eight passengers have been fined for hoax statements that threatened security in the local airline sector, according to local media.

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