Fleeing monkey injures owner in central Vietnam

By Lam Vien, Thanh Nien News

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Ho Pham Tuan would have lost his hand to necrosis if he was not operated in time, doctors said. Photo: Lam Vien
A 23-year-old man in Lam Dong Province who was seriously bitten by his captive monkey Wednesday has recovered well, doctors said.
Ho Pham Tuan was able to move his right hand a day after being admitted with serious wounds that severed arteries, tendons and nerves in the limb, according to doctors at Lam Dong General Hospital said .
Tuan said his family had the monkey, a southern pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina), eight years ago when it was small, and the primate had been close to him.
However, at around 4:30 on May 14 the monkey suddenly attacked him when he was trying to catch it after it escaped its cage.
Doctor Nguyen Minh Thu said he was admitted to the hospitals at 5:30 the same day with severe injuries in his right arm.
Doctors managed to connect arteries, nerves and tendons in a five hour surgery. Thu said Tuan would have lost his hand to necrosis if he was not operated in time.
It was the first case the hospital conducted a surgery for a man who has hand bitten by an animal, which is more complicated than other injuries in the hand that they conducted, Thu said.
After the accident, police of Hiep Thanh Ward in Lam Dong’s Duc Trong District managed to catch the monkey by using a stun gun.

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