Five-story house in Hanoi crumbles

TN News

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A five-story house in Hanoi's old quarter collapsed Tuesday, after construction workers next door undermined the foundation.


Many people in the area ran out of their homes at 3 a.m. after hearing a thunderous crash, VietNamNet reported.


Bui Phuc Hau, who lives behind the devastated structure, said people living around the home were awoken by cracks at around 1 a.m. Soon afterwards, the whole neighborhood was rocked by a thunderous crash as the whole building crumbled to the ground.


Workers at the site next door had dug more than two meters down to build the foundation.


Local residents said they had noticed big cracks at the house a day ago and asked workers living in the house to move. As a result, there were no human casualties.


A police investigation continues to be underway.


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