Fisherman rewarded for capturing "biter' shark

TN News

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A fisherman in the central coastal province of Binh Dinh on Tuesday caught a 60-kilogram white shark believed to be one of the fish that have attacked ten local people since July.

Nguyen Huu Hao, vice director of Binh Dinh Department of Agriculture, said comparisons between the bites on the victims with the jaw of the fish found trapped in Do Van Cong's fishing net indicated that it was the culprit.

While local authorities awarded Cong VND5 million (US$262.5) as promised, Hao warned that local people were still at risk of being attacked, as the latest fish caught wasn't the last one.

The 1.6-meter long fish was the third shark to be caught off Vietnam's central coast this year.

In March, Binh Dinh fishermen caught a shark weighing more than half a ton, just one month after a one-ton great white was caught near the shore of neighboring Phu Yen Province.

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