Fisherman held after threatening to stab his mother

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After an eight-hour standoff, police in the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau on Sunday rescued a woman whose son was threatening to stab her.

Nguyen Quang Lanh, 38, was arrested after the police used tear gas and stormed in his mother's house at 9 a.m.

Earlier, at around 1 a.m., Nguyen Thi Kim Vang, 77, of Vung Tau City was sleeping in her house when her 38-year-old son Nguyen Quang Lanh knocked on the door. After he entered the room, Lanh chased his mother with a knife in his hand, threatening to stab her.

Vang managed to get into her bedroom and close the door, whereupon her son stabbed at it his knife, screaming for her to open the door.

After police of Ward 5 showed up following Vang's phone call, Lanh held two knives in both his hands and threatened to kill himself if anyone entered the house.

The ward police called 113 emergency police to coordinate a rescue. When the police arrived at the house, Lanh asked them to buy him food and cigarettes, and call his wife, Vu Thi Hien, to the house.

He asked his wife to kneel down and pray with him by the window.

A church priest was sent to the house in an attempt to persuade the man to no avail. The police also climbed on the roof in an effort to enter the house.

The police later used a hammer to break the windows and spray tear gas inside the house. They wore masks and entered the house through the windows to arrest the man, eight hours after the incident.

Lanh, a fisherman, confessed to the police that he could not sleep and had bad dreams recently, but did not explain why he threatened his mother.

His wife said he was mostly a good-tempered man but had recently shown signs of mental instability.

"He once jumped into the sea while fishing but was fortunately saved by his friends on the boat," Hien said.

She said Lanh had been fishing for 10 years and had just returned home on May 12 after a fishing trip.

The police said Lanh will be detained for further investigation.

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