Firm suggests motorbike skyways for Vietnam metro

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A technological firm requested permission from the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation to build on a skyway system for the city's motorbikes.


High-rise roads can reduce traffic jams by ten times, reduce traffic accidents and increase the area for trees, Tran Son Tuong, director of Viet Tiep Khac (Vietnam-Czech) Company told the city Transport Department on Thursday.


The company said motorbikes accounts for 80 percent of number of vehicles in the city and are involved in 70 percent of traffic accidents, thus, they need to be separated from other means of transport.


According to the plan, the high-rise roads will be connected to multi-function stations, which will be linked to elevators to the ground.


Director Tuong said the company would also build parks at the stations to increase the green area for the city. The stations would feature public toilets and provide first aid to traffic accident victims.


The whole system will use composite-coated iron, which is cheap as it only costs around VND10 million a square meter and can be erected ten times faster than concrete, Viet Tiep Khac said.


It added that the flexible system will stand more firmly during earthquakes.


The company proposed to build the first skyway system leading into downtown Ho Chi Minh City, then on crowded streets in the city such as Dien Bien Phu, Tran Hung Dao and Cach Mang Thang Tam.


It said the project won't be a burden to the state budget as it will be carried out under the BOT (build-own-transfer) model, in which the investor would collect toll fees 50 years after the roads are put into operation.


The city government has required the company to work more on the project and propose a more detailed plan for the city to consider.

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