Firm proposes screening, cleaning vehicles entering HCMC

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Ho Chi Minh City should set up more stations on streets to clean vehicles traveling into the city downtown and charge them with environment protection fees, a city company suggested Wednesday.


During a Wednesday meeting of the Ho Chi Minh City Transportation Department a local firm proposed the establishment of more vehicle sanitation stations along roads leading into the city's downtown .


On Wednesday, Nguyen Van Nam, Director of Nhat Quang Shipping Service Company, Ltd. said the stations could remove solid waste from the tires and their undercarriages of vehicles entering the crowded central roadways.


He further suggested that they could be used to screen incoming vehicles for unacceptable emissions and possible culprits of noise pollution.


Fines could be levied against loud or dirty vehicles, Nam suggested, and cleaning fees could help generate revenue for the city.


Nam recommended outlying vehicle check stations that could be used as a kind of filter for the city streets. A more centrally located check station could collect higher fees from vehicles that are in a rush to get into the city.  


"Vehicles should have to pay for polluting the environment," Nam said.


He also suggested the creation of a data collection center that would track statistics about vehicles entering the city. The information could be used to develop strategies for traffic control.


The stations and the data center would help enforce Vietnam's existing environmental and traffic laws in addtion to creating jobs and revenue for the city, Nam said.


But the transport department has doubted about the plan.


Tran The Ky, Deputy Director of the department, told Saigon Tiep Thi the measure would be hard to carry out as the city lacks land for holding the vehicles and has yet to establish clear emission standards.

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