Fireworks suspected to claim another life in Hanoi

TN News

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An explosion on Hanoi's once-famous firecracker land erupted in the top floor of a home Thursday, killing the homeowner.

Luu Ba Tinh, 37, was found dead on the fifth floor of his home, where the explosion occurred.

Police said the blast shattered the glass doors in the lower floors and of those in the neighborhing home. Some debris from the rooftop patio were thrown tens of meters away.

Police say their investigation is still underway.

The house sits on Binh Da Street --the famed former provider of firecrackers nationwide.

Vietnam's government banned firecracker production, trade and use in 1995 to prevent related injuries but some families on Binh Da Street continued to practice the trade.

In 2008, three members of family living on the street were hospitalized after a similar blast, local news website VnExpress said Friday.

In many parts of China, the practice is legal, which fuels firecracker trafficking into Vietnam's northern provinces prior to every Lunar New Year.

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