Firecracker explosion leaves one dead in northern Vietnam

TN News

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A man has been detained pending criminal charges in northern Vietnam for illegally making firecrackers that killed a person on Saturday.

The firecracker exploded at a house in Thai Binh Province around 110 kilometers from Hanoi and killed the sister of its inventor Doan Van Dung, 32.

Three other people in the house were injured including Dung, the woman's husband and daughter.

A part of the house was blown off, while the toilet and the kitchen were razed to the ground. Other houses in a 50 meter radius lost their doors or had their glass windows broken, police found.

Khuc Ngoc Don, a neighbor, said the "explosion sounded more terrible than a bomb."

Police are investigating the accident.

The Vietnamese government banned firecracker production, trade and use in 1995 to prevent related injuries but families in Hanoi and several northern regions seem to have picked up the trade again.

In many parts of China, the practice is legal, which fuels firecracker trafficking into Vietnam's northern provinces prior to every Lunar New Year, which this year falls on January 23.

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