Filipinos jailed for scamming Japanese tourist in Vietnam

TN News

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The Ho Chi Minh City People's Court Monday handed jail terms of up to three years to three Filipinos for cheating a Japanese tourist out of some US$2,000 two years ago.

Oliver Ingao Due, 56, got three years while Tagapan Bartolome  Berbasa, 58, and Cavite Nestor Carmesis, 55, got two years each for "committing fraud to appropriate others' property."

On October 26, 2012, Berbasa and Carmesis approached Takaesu Naoki in 23/9 Park and invited him to the house the rented in Phu Nhuan District.

They persuaded him to play cards with a Singaporean woman, whose identity has not been released.

After letting Naoki win $800, they raised the stakes, daring him to wager $5,000 on the last game.

With Due promising to lend him the $2,000 he was short, Naoki agreed to the new stakes and withdrew $44 million ($2,000) from an ATM.

When he gave them the money along with his iPhone 4, the Filipinos put the collateral into a safe, saying that they would resume the game later because the Singaporean woman had to take care of some business.


Naoki then also told them that he would return with the $1,000 that he was short.

After the tourist left, the Filipinos shared the money, prosecutors said.

Three days later they called Naoki to continue the game and were apprehended by police as they received the additional $1,000 from Naoki.

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