Fight or flight: 7 shameful things that some Vietnamese do when pulled over by a cop

Thanh Nien News

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Different traffic violators behave differently when they get pulled over by a police officer. Some choose to run away. Some resort to their language and argument skills. Others just cry.  
Here’s a quick look at the many creative things that they can do, based on local media reports. 
1. Speeding: In many cases, after being pulled over by traffic cops, drivers speed up in an attempt to avoid getting caught. They are likely to be snatched soon alter, but some young male drivers still want to take the risk. 
2. Begging: Some people can come up with thousands of reasons: visiting someone in hospital, being new to the city... In an extreme case in 2013, a young woman was on her knees begging the officers to let her go. She was caught after driving with two others on one motorbike and attempting to flee.
3. Pretending (Part 1): Of course, people who use this trick have to be fluent in a foreign language. In a recent case, a 20-year-old woman started speaking Korean when being pulled over in Quang Binh Province. However, after accidentally dropping her Vietnamese ID card, she cried and begged – in Vietnamese. 
4. Calling a VIP: It's not rare when traffic violators try to call some influential people to help them.
5. Arguing: Those having some knowledge of traffic laws will try to talk themselves out of a fine. 
6. Pretending (Part 2): Many people impersonate government officials, influential people, journalists, etc. to avoid a fine. In a recent case, a man in Hanoi used a fake press card when being pulled over. His ploy was immediately busted. 
7. Offering bribes: Once all tricks fail, violators will try to let money talk. Instead of receiving a ticket and paying a fine later to get back relevant papers, some people are willing to pay a bribe. Ho Chi Minh City police have proposed tough fines against traffic violators who offer bribes. 

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