Father whips son, threatens to make him eat feces

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A father in northern Vietnam has been whipping his son and threatening to make him eat feces once for failing to finish his homework, according to local police.


Bui Xuan Thuan, 11, has been severely beaten by his father at least six times since they began living in Hai Phong together this March, according to his grandmother Nguyen Thi Dun.


"He was screaming and crying. I tried but I could not stop that," said Dun, who is the father's mother.


His legs and arms show a lot of scars from being whipped with electric wire. Some of the wounds are still bright red and were seen by Thuan's teacher last week, who reported the case to the police.


The boy and his younger brother have been staying with Du since  their mother died four years ago. But their father, Bui Xuan Phong, 33, decided he wanted to take care of him after he married his third wife this year.


Dun said the step mother has also beaten Thuan and was in fact the one who orderd Phong to beat the boy and decided when to stop.


The most ferocious beating was in late June this year, when Thuan did not finish his homework, she said.


"His father was angry and told him to take a bowl of feces from the bathroom to eat. The boy refused, only to receive four slaps to the face and a bloody nose," the grandmother said.


Thuan said besides the whipping his head and naked body, his father and step mother insult him daily.


"My father doesn't drink and he insulted me sober, for any mistake I made, such as cooking the rice a little dry, missing some homework, even hanging out with my cousins," he said.


His father also whipped his 5 year old brother once. "My brother is scared of him just like me."


The boy has been sent back to his grandmother since authorities got involved. The two say they've been hiding from Phong.


Thuan said that even if his father is really sorry, he will not come back.


"I'm scared," he said.


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