Famous Vietnamese actress under criminal investigation for insulting police

By Ha An, Thanh Nien News

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 Model-turned-actress Trang Tran is being under a criminal investigation for allegedly insulting, attacking police in Hanoi on February 27

Police in Hanoi said that they have launched an investigation into a famous model-turned-actress following allegations that she insulted and even physically attacked police officers after an escalated argument. 
Tran Thi Trang, better known as Trang Tran, was arrested Friday on charges of resisting officers on public duty. 
She had been temporarily detained earlier, after arguing with local traffic officers about a taxi driver’s violation on Thursday night. 
The taxi, which was carrying Trang and a friend, was flagged down for driving on a one-way street in the wrong direction.
Police said they ordered the driver to follow them to a station for further questioning, but the actress interfered and started insulting them.
She also reportedly kicked one of the officers.
In the end, the actress was taken to a police station where she continued throwing insults at police.
In a short video posted online soon after, she was seen cursing at police and accusing them of extorting money from the public.
It is still unknown who shot the video and what legal implications it may have in the case. 
If prosecuted and found guilty, Trang could face a three-year suspended sentence or a jail term ranging from six months to three years.
Trang Tran is known in the entertainment industry for being very outspoken. She once told local media in 2012 that many models she knew had worked as prostitutes to earn money for their luxury lifestyle.
She recently had a supporting role in a local hit movie “Huong Ga”.

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