Famous Vietnamese actress detained for insulting, attacking police: reports

By Dang Hanh, Thanh Nien News

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Trang Tran poses in a photo. Trang is kept in custody on Thursday night for insulting police. Trang Tran poses in a photo. Trang is kept in custody on Thursday night for insulting police.


An outspoken Vietnamese model-turned-actress has been taken into police custody as they accused her of insulting and attacking traffic officers. 
Trang Tran, 30, was detained by Hoan Kiem District police on Thursday night.
According to media reports, police stopped the taxi that she was sharing with a friend for going down a one-way street in the wrong direction. 
The actress told local media that she was only trying to help the driver talk himself out of a fine. 
“I only defended the driver, saying that it was in the nighttime and nobody was traveling on the street, so why not let us drive there?”
“When I saw them getting ready to take the driver to their station, I asked them why they had to do so for such a minor violation. And the argument broke out,” said Trang. 
The actress said she was then handcuffed and taken away. 
While Trang did not say what she had said during the fight, media reports said police accused her of using inappropriate language and even attacking the traffic officers. 
In a video clip posted on YouTube today, a woman identified as Trang Tran was seen sitting in a room with a couple of police officers sitting nearby. The woman was heard cursing at the officers using strong swear words. 
Trang Tran remained in police custody as of Friday morning. 
According to the law, police have the right to detain someone for up to 24 hours before they issue a fine, continue with legal proceedings or release that person. 
Trang Tran is known in the entertainment industry for being very outspoken. She once told local media in 2012 that many models she knew had worked as prostitutes to earn money for their luxury lifestyle.
She recently had a supporting role in a local hit movie “Huong Ga”. 

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