Family killer caught before serial murders

TN News

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Police in Hanoi on Wednesday arrested a man who had allegedly killed his aunt and was planning to murder several other family members.

Dang Tuan Dung, 26, killed his aunt Dang Thi Chung, 58, in Hanoi on Saturday last week with three knife stabs in her abdomen, investigators said.

Police on that day found a plan handwritten by Dung plotting to kill another aunt, his uncle, who lived nearby, his sister and his brother-in-law.

Dung was caught when hiding in Binh Duong Province, which neighbors Ho Chi Minh City.

Dung's mother was not on the to-be-killed list but had been beaten by her son so many times that she had to leave the family, local newswire Dan Tri reported Sunday.

Dung once threatened his uncle with a knife to his side for preventing him from looking for money his mother had earned selling land, the newswire said. The uncle then had to beg for his life from his knees.

According to the uncle, Dung stabbed his late father Dang Hung Cuong in the eye with a screw.

Dung is now jobless. He had recently brought a girlfriend home to live with him without a marriage or his family's permission. Relatives said that when his family disagreed with the decision he only hated them more.

The family had several times asked local police to take Dung to a social rehabilitation center.

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