Fake reporter steals from real reporters

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The prosecutors' office of Gia Lai Province's Ia Grai District has ratified charges against a 29-year-old man for impersonating a journalist to steal property from three real reporters.

Prosecutors have forwarded the case to Ia Grai People's Court to try Le Huynh Nam, a native of Binh Dinh Province's Tuy Phuoc District, on robbery charges, according to Dan Viet, the online newspaper of Vietnam's Farmers Association.

According to the indictment, Nam claimed to be a reporter of Bao Ve Phap Luat (Law Protection) in charge of covering news in the central region in October last year .

He met three reporters from Cong an Da Nang (Da Nang Police), Tien Phong (Vanguard) and the Voice of Vietnam and presented an introduction letter to identify himself.

On October 7, 2011, Nam came to know that the three reporters planned to visit Border Station 717 in Ia Grai District. He claimed that he was well aware of the way to get there and volunteered to lead the other three.

After interviewing some officials at the station, the reporters were invited to a meal. While others were eating, Nam snuck away quickly before returning to the table.

The following morning, the three reporters discovered that they had lost two laptops, two SLR cameras and other properties and documents worth about VND80 million (US$3,844) in total.

According to the verdict, investigators identified Nam as the suspect thanks to "professional measures."

Nam admitted to the crime but did not return the stolen properties. He confessed that he had thrown them in a bush outside the station wall with the intention to return and get them later.

However, Nam said he did not know that there was a small road near the bush and someone might have picked up the stolen property.

Nguyen Van Huan, the actual representative of Bao Ve Phap Luat newspaper in the central region, said the newspaper had no reporter named Le Huynh Nam and assumed that Nam had falsified the introduction letter.

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