Fake logos, unregistered meters found in taxi crackdown

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A joint task force in Ho Chi Minh City had fined 65 taxis VND277 million (US$13,480) for violating various regulations as of Saturday, a week into a large-scale inspection of taxis in the city.


Of the 65 taxis fined, 48 did not have a legal meter, seven had parked in illegal places, two were using false phone numbers and one had faked another company's logo, said Ta Huu Long, inspector the municipal transport department. Another 37 were censured for minor violations, he added.


The inspection is expected to be completed in the coming week, and the results submitted to the municipal administration by July 25. 


Last month, in a similar crackdown, Hanoi authorities had announced that they'd found 2,167 taxis and 400 cyclos committing various traffic violations. Inspectors in the capital city seized 100 taxis and 150 cyclos and issued fines of more than VND1.5 billion.



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Hoang Van Minh, deputy director of the Hanoi Transport Department, said violations by passenger transportation service have reduced "significantly" during day time.


"Cars violating regulations have shifted to operating at night to avoid being detected," he said.


He also said inspectors were yet to bust every case of taxi drivers using unregistered meters or other electronic devices to inflate fees.


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