Fake college certificate ring busted in Dong Nai

TN News

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Police in the southern province of Dong Nai have busted a ring making fake college certificates.


The police seized more than 1,000 certificate drafts including 60 graduate certificate samples of universities, colleges and vocational schools at the house of Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhung.


Her husband Vo Thach Can was also involved in the business, they said.


More than 100 fake certificates for bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees were seized.


They had been finished with the photos of the degree holders, stamps and signatures from different schools.


Fake stamps of Dong Nai Department of Education and Training and HCMC University of Economics were also found at the house.


The police started Investigating Can and Nhung started after they caught Ngo Van Long, Nhung's 54-year-old uncle, making fake certificates at his house on January 13.


A search of Long's house found drafts of college graduation certificates, English competence certificates and vocational training certificates.


Nhung said all the exhibits seized at her house belonged to Long.


The police have suggested pressing charges against the uncle for faking papers of state agencies.


They are extending the investigation as Long is suspected of providing fake certificates to many rings in different cities and provinces.


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