Factory pledges to compensate enslaved laborers

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A paper factory in the central highlands province of Dak Lak promised Thursday to pay 121 laborers whom they had enslaved for six months.


The payment will be completed by this December 12, according to a representative of Dak Lak Paper Materials Factory.


The laborers, all from Phuoc Son District in neighboring Quang Nam Province, were recruited to grow acacias in April for between VND1.8-2.1 million (US$92.4-107.8) a month.


However, according to the laborers, they weren't paid for months and were forced to engage in heavy manual labor without proper meals, adding that they couldn't contact their families or leave their encampment in Dak R'mang Forest.


Some younger people managed to escape and enlist local agencies to rescue others.


According to the victims, they were introduced to recruiter Do Ngoc Lan, 44, via Ho Van Xia, chief of a hamlet in Phuoc Son District. Lan, meanwhile, told police he was contracted to do the recruitment by the factory.


Also Thursday, the paper factory paid VND20 million ($1,025) to the family of Ho Van Chuong, 32, who died from malaria while working in the forest.

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