Facebook kidnapper foiled in Dong Nai Province

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A 20-day old baby is returned back to her family after being kidnapped by two women in DOng Nai Province on November 22, 2014.

A mother in Dong Nai narrowly saved her newborn daughter from a kidnapper who had appealed to her kindness through Facebook, local police said Sunday.
Police say they're interrogating Huynh Ngoc Minh Trang and another accomplice to determine their motives for kidnapping of a 20-day-old girl on Saturday morning.
Trang got acquainted with the baby’s mother, whose name was given only as Hang, through Facebook.
Trang frequently chatted with Hang, saying that she had been expecting a child at the same time as Hang, but later suffered a miscarriage.
Trang claimed she and her husband had hidden the miscarriage from her mother-in-law, who was anxiously awaiting a grandchild.
Trang's story won the young mother's confidence and she later agreed to “lend” her daughter to the Facebook friend so Trang could present the baby to her visiting mother-in-law as her own.
Hang, her mother and her newborn child met Trang and a woman who claimed to be Trang’s mother, at a local hostel and rented a room there.
The plan was to wait for the “mother-in-law”.
Trang later told Hang and her mother to leave the scene for a while, explaining that their presence could raise doubts in the mother-in-law’s mind.
Hang and her mother left the room and came back 15 minutes later to find it empty.
The hostel's manager told Hang that the two women had just got into a Mai Linh taxi with a baby.
The mother called the taxi’s switchboard operator who told her where the cab was heading.
Hang called a group of relatives who tracked the two women (and Hang's baby) to a hotel bathroom where Trang had stuck her finger into the child's mouth to prevent her from crying.
Hang’s relatives escorted the two kidnappers to a local police station.

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