Exploding battery seriously injures cell phone repairer

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A mobile phone repairer in Ho Chi Minh City suffered serious injuries after a phone battery he was charging suddenly exploded.

Nguyen Xuan Hoa, 34, works at a mobile phone repair shop in District 11 and the incident happened several days ago when a novice at a nearby shop came to charge a phone at Hoa's place.

The man left the battery near Hoa's desk and left. Soon an explosion sent the battery into Hoa's chest, causing serious injuries.

Speaking to Nguoi Lao Dong from his bed at Cho Ray Hospital, he said the battery broke parts of his rib in the incident. Hoa did not discuss the brand of the battery.

Doctor Vu Huu Vinh said Hoa had recovered well after three days of treatment. This is the first time the hospital offered treatment to a patient injured by a cell phone battery explosion.

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