Ex-cop faces fresh charges for shooting his boss to death

By Le Lam, TN News

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 Ngo Van Vinh, a dismissed traffic officer in the southern province of Dong Nai, at a trial on August 26, 2014. Photo: Le Lam

Prosecutors in the southern province of Dong Nai announced on Monday that they have ratified murder charges against a dismissed traffic officer for shooting his boss to death following a drunken fight in 2013.
Ngo Van Vinh, 40, can be jailed for as long as 15 years, if convicted.
Previously he was prosecuted with charges of "murder under provocation" which carried a jail term ranging from six months to three years.
However, at a hearing in August last year, a board of judges suspended Vinh's trial and ordered a further investigation into the case.
On September 22, 2013, Vinh and his co-workers were drinking at a local karaoke parlor when they met Tran Ngoc Son, the deputy chief of his division, and Son's friend Truong Thanh Chi, according to the indictment.
During their greetings, Vinh and Chi got into an argument. The latter hit the former in the face with a glass of beer.
Vinh, who was injured, faulted Son for not taking his side, which led to a quarrel and then a fight between the two officers.
Prosecutors said Vinh later left the parlor for his office where he waited for Son with a pistol.
Son then met with Vinh, and dared the latter shoot him, before hitting Vinh in the face.
When Vinh drew out the pistol, they started fighting for the weapon, during which the gun fired one shot into officer Doan Thanh Phu, who was standing nearby and trying to stop the fight.
With an injury in his hip, Phu rushed outside to call for help, while the other two kept fighting.
Prosecutors said when some officers arrived at the site, they found Son on the floor bleeding.
Vinh then fired another two shots, but no one else was injured.
All the three officers were brought to a local hospital where Son, who was shot in torso, succumbed to an aortic rupture.
Vinh is expected to stand a new trial this May 21.
In the meantime, Dong Nai police are investigating Chi on charges of "deliberately injuring others" for allegedly attacking Vinh.

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