EVN promises no more power cuts

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State-owned Electricity of Vietnam on July 1 announced that it stopped cutting back on power supplies to cities and provinces thanks to improved production, it said in a statement.

The power utility ordered its subsidiaries nationwide to ensure stable power supply unless there are unexpected technical problems, according to the statement issued Thursday afternoon.

In the statement EVN also admitted that the recent power shortage has had significant impacts on many cities and provinces - suspending production and paralyzing tourism around the country.

Water levels at power plant reservoirs are rising, it said, and technical problems at coal-fired power plants have been solved, making it possible to end power cuts this month.

According to the company, daily power output will reach 297 million kilowatt-hours in July. Power demand is expected to surge by 17.63 percent compared to last year.

The central province of Khanh Hoa last week said it wanted EVN to be held accountable for unreasonable power cuts that have caused major difficulties for businesses and residents.

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